Improvement of life

Enthusiasm, Amazement, Pride.

These terms all describe a kind of feeling. It is about happiness. Triggered by situations or things that we see with our eyes, feel with our hands and hear with our ears. When we experience such a situation, we are so close to life that we think we can grasp it.

Whether our children are taking their first steps, we are watching someone perform a very difficult or risky feat, or we are looking at an expressive painting. Our bodies experience real life. We experience art.

A true Upgrading of our attitude to life.

That is lifestyle. That is art.

Art is Improvement – Improvement of Life

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Our team

Kilian Schulze
Artist / Administrator

"Art can change everyone's life. When I started drawing at the age of 13, I had no idea to what extent it would do that. With art you can reveal your feelings, you can let yourself fall into it and it catches you. I can't imagine anything more beautiful than bringing joy to people with my work."

Jonathan Schulze
Artist / Administrator

"Challenges are what make life interesting. Challenges, and the freedom to interpret the experiences gained from them. I have found these two qualities in painting and drawing. This is my passion."

Anna Adionye

"Inmany situations in my life, art has been like a well for me, filled with strength, inspiration and energy. Already at a young age I learned to express my feelings this way. My goal is that this joy and sense of well-being, which I feel while filling the paper with my emotions, is reflected in all of my works."

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